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Why Us

We are avid believers in the fact that: WHEN IT COMES TO CARE, SMALLER IS BETTER. In a large facility, the residents seem to fall through the cracks because it is physically impossible for their staff to get to know each resident on a one-to-one basis. A large facility has staff on shifts where one shift does not know what happened with a resident in the previous shift.

We are proud of the fact that we have a small home based, family like atmosphere, where itís the same staff all the time. Our staff members can look at a residentís face and tell if something is wrong. Which other facility can express confidence in getting to know their residents through and through ? Services are custom tailored to meet each individualís needs based on their own likes, dislikes and comfort zone.

Sunshine Assisted Living came into existence with the aim to provide dignity and self-esteem among the elderly. It has specialized in offering services and facilities essential for a happy and content life in the golden years. We provide a homey atmosphere where every resident enjoys his or her life to the fullest without worrying about how they can meet the needs of their daily living.

Sunshine Assisted Living is a dream house for the elderly people who cherish their independence.


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