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Sunshine Assisted Living is renowned among the remarkable places to live your old age. Being owned by family, the Sunshine Assisted Living becomes highly secure dwelling place. It is operated from 1997 and is managed by Preet Sahi, who has been a former member of Senior Care Coalition.

Sunshine Assisted Living is home to provide not only shelter but a lively home to the destitute and elderly people who are fighting with their old age.. Here, you will get full support and care. At sunshine Assisted Living all the lonely and abandoned people can find true support, love and care that they had been deprived of from there loved ones.

We are actively involved in the development of shelter homes for the aged. We believe that you would fine homely atmosphere that would never let you feel that you have been institutionalized. We are able to cater to the residents needs on a one-on-one basis that helps us take complete care of every resident. We lay special emphasis on the dietary needs, proper dispersion of medication and sensitive issues.

Sunshine Assisted Living is having special facilities suitable perfectly for seniors who require daily personal assistance and care. We are proud to say that our each location is known for its excellent record with State department. All locations are found in upscale neighborhoods and have staff in-charge working in facilities since we first opened in 1997.

Sunshine Assisted Living strives to make difference in those unhappy souls, by giving them the best facilities so that they can life comfortably. We try our level best to provide them warmth, love and protection that they had never known before.


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